Upcoming Events.



12th June 2021 - 

Soloist for a Private Event


18th June 2021 - 

Soloist for a Wedding

Blackheath, London

19th June 2021

Soloist for Miss Liverpool Charity Event

The Pioneer, Liverpool

24th June 2021 -

Soloist for Music Box Live 

Temple of Art and Music, London

25th June 2021 - 

Recording for Classical Crossover Magazine

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7th July 2021

Private Event

ArtFixe, Greenwich


14th July 2021 - 

Soloist for Memorial Service


23rd July 2021 - 

Solo Performance at Wembley Park


7th August 2021 - 

Private Event 

Skies, Southport 

August 2021

Private Event

Golden Lane, London

27th August 2021 - 

Guest Soloist for the Miss England Final 

The Heart of England Conference and Events Centre, Coventry

24th September 2021- 

Guest Soloist for Marc Leslie

The Bentley, Liverpool


10th October 2021- 

Guest Soloist for The Greenwich Heritage Trust

Charlton House, London


8th November 2021 - 

Guest Soloist for Julie Lawson Community Events 

Plaza Cinema, Liverpool

20th November 2021- 

British Heart Foundation Concert

Dodleston, Chester

December 2021 - 

Charity Event for The Birkenhead Lion's Club

Bidston Mass, Wirral

July 2022 - 

Concert with Rhos Orpheus Male Voice Choir

Prenton, Wirral

24th April 2021 - 

Soloist for Songbirds' Disney Concert

Youtube Livestream

2nd May 2021 - 

Guest Soloist for Canadian Artist Nayeli Abrego 

Facebook/Youtube/Website Livestream 

25th July 2021-

Soloist for the 'Sound of Crossover' Series

Classical Crossover Magazine